Sector Search Specialists

We understand you need top-tier professionals to help drive success. That's why we identify core challenges and opportunities across the talent landscape to connect excellence in our target sectors.

We Know Your Market

At Spencer Riley, our executive search consultants specialise in helping businesses hire top professionals in their market. With deep industry knowledge and a wide network of key decision-makers, we navigate complex hiring landscapes to find the perfect fit.

Our expertise allows us to understand your unique needs and tailor our search to find candidates who match your skills, culture, and values to ensure that competitive edge.

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Our Core Sectors

We specialise in key market sectors and niches within them. Our expertise spans finance, education, technology, healthcare, construction and retail, with experienced teams within each.

Passionate About Partnerships

A decade of experience proves our approach works.

We’re passionate about partnerships, and focus on sourcing talent to connect excellence every time.

Our secret is simple. We dig deeper to find out everything we can right from the start. We keep the process easy and efficient, by speaking to every person suitable for a position until we find a great fit.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Committed

Our approach is driven by thorough research and an inquisitive mindset. We identify and secure exceptional talent who are motivated by more than just job-seeking, and pride ourselves on supporting them seamlessly into your business.

We Look Beyond The Resume

When we're finding the perfect, we don't just look at resumes. We look at their behaviours, attitudes, wants and needs. That's how we find the best fit for your company culture with the drive and determination to succeed.

Specialists In Your Corner

Our team of highly skilled search professionals have the ability and experience to source best-in-class candidates. We focus specifically on your industry to deliver targeted results, offering you the highest security on your investment.

Exceptional Talent Across the Globe

We cater to businesses of all sizes, whether it's upscaling small enterprises or securing CEOs for multinational corporations. We can headhunt anyone from anywhere, and we're confident that we can find the perfect person no matter where, when or how.

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Search Specialists

To speak to one of our specialist consultants about our solutions, your business needs, advice about talent in your market, or something else. Click the button below.

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