How to stay competitive in the job market

Outwit, Outplay, Outshine - strategies for staying competitive in the job market
Spencer Riley
July 31, 2023
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If now is the time to seek a new challenge and progress your career plans or perhaps you are someone that just likes to have a constantly up-to-date CV/resume, it can be hard to figure out how to stand out from the competition. You've possibly thought, previously, that you had crafted that perfect CV/resume and tailored your LinkedIn profile for each position you've applied for, but is that enough in today's highly competitive job market?

If you want to make sure you land an interview or get an offer letter, there are a few key steps you must take. By understanding what employers look for and learning new skills on demand, you can stay sharp and remain competitive in the job market. Keep reading this post to learn exactly what steps will keep you ahead of the game! 

To ensure your CV/resume makes the first impression you want it to, in front of a prospective employer, it's important your CV/resume TELLS your story, rather than shows it.  

Crafting a CV/resume that captivates prospective employers requires more than just listing your qualifications and experiences; it involves presenting a narrative that showcases your unique competencies and the tangible value you bring to any business. To accomplish this, focus on illustrating your capabilities through measurable results and notable achievements, rather than relying on generic descriptions. Highlight the impact you have made in previous roles by citing quantifiable data or recounting specific projects you have successfully led. In essence, let your accomplishments paint a vivid picture of your professional story, ensuring that your CV/resume not only passes the initial screening stage but also leaves a lasting impression on those evaluating it. This approach will ultimately resonate with employers and increase your chances of securing an interview. 

Utilise the power of LinkedIn to connect with potential employers and showcase your skills. 

LinkedIn is your shop window, it is often the first view by a prospective employer shortly after they have read your CV/resume, so you want to ensure it presents you as you would like to be seen. It has emerged as a powerful platform for professionals seeking to advance their careers by connecting with potential employers and showcasing their skills. Recognised worldwide, it has revolutionised the job market and recruiting landscape in many industries. Leveraging the personal branding features of LinkedIn can open opportunities to hear from executive search consultants. By creating a well-optimised profile that highlights your achievements, skills, and unique value proposition, you not only make a lasting impression but also set the stage for fruitful interactions that could lead to your next career breakthrough. Nurturing your connections, engaging in meaningful conversations, and sharing insightful content aligned with your professional aspirations positions you as a thought leader, thereby increasing your visibility and credibility in the eyes of potential employers. Indeed, harnessing the full potential of LinkedIn can prove instrumental in uncovering the hidden opportunities that are not in the public domain and being in the forefront of the minds that are interested in your talent. 

Research prior companies that have hired similar roles, then use this data to tailor your CV/resume. 

One strategic approach to achieve this is by conducting thorough research on companies that have previously hired for similar roles. Analysing the qualifications, skills, and experiences these businesses value can offer invaluable insights into crafting a formidable CV/resume that showcases your alignment with potential employers' expectations. Being equipped with this data allows you to optimise your CV/resume, highlighting your key competencies and achievements, and effectively differentiating yourself from the competition. This level of detail not only creates intrigue and curiosity but also sends a strong message to hiring managers that you are genuinely invested in career development that aligns with your professional aspirations.  

Take online courses or attend in-person classes related to the skills desired for the positions you are potentially seeking. 

In today's fast-paced and competitive job market, obtaining the desired position can seem incredibly challenging. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is more important than ever to stay updated on the latest trends and develop the necessary skills relevant to our professional aspirations. One of the most effective and convenient ways to accomplish this is by enrolling in online courses (which are sometimes free) or attending in-person classes tailored specifically to the position you are seeking. By expanding your expertise and knowledge in this manner, not only do you enhance your individual qualifications, but you also demonstrate a proactive commitment to excellence. Ultimately, investing time and effort into targeted skill development can significantly improve your career trajectory, allowing you to distinguish yourself and excel in your chosen field.

Networking events can be helpful when seeking new employment opportunities.

Attending networking events is a great way to stay competitive and remain in the know while searching for new job opportunities. You will not only gain valuable insight from industry professionals but also have the opportunity of connecting with key contacts who can be your stepping stone toward your next big opportunity. You never really know who knows whom, so it's judicious to attend as many networking events as you can so potential employers are aware of your skillset and availability. Networking events tie together an eclectic mix of diverse yet motivated professionals which makes them a source of knowledge and useful connections worth exploring.

But, is there an alternative?

If you are a senior-level candidate who is excelling in your current role and fully focused on achieving your daily performance goals and business objectives, then there is an alternative, if you feel now is the time to ‘upgrade’ your career and explore new challenges.  

By utilising the services of an executive search agency, like Spencer Riley, who will not only understand your industry well but will also listen to your experience and identify exactly what you are looking for in your next move. By doing so, you can free up your valuable time to focus on your current job, while our executive search consultants take care of the search process for you.

Working with Spencer Riley, who will take the time to understand your needs and experience, will help you to have confidential conversations with companies who are actively looking for senior-level candidates like you, or those businesses who are yet to disclose their job openings to the public, or those businesses that would create a role for you simply because of your talent and the fact that you may be open to offers.

After working with Spencer Riley, which may take a few weeks or longer, you should feel confident that you have explored all the available opportunities and have a clear idea of what is available.

You will now be able to decide - from a position of choice. With Spencer Riley on your side and having gained a comprehensive understanding of the available options open to you, you can choose the best positions that align with your long-term goals and motivations. This will give you a sense of confidence and control, knowing that you have made an informed decision that will help you to progress your career in the right direction. 

Spencer Riley executive search is a UK-based international recruitment partner that works with businesses to develop their leadership and executive teams, enabling their business goals and adding significant value to shareholders.

We have a successful track record of delivering senior management and director-level placements in the UK, Europe, North America, and MENA regions.

If we can help you with your next senior appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or call us on +44 (0)113 416 6840

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