Facilities Management Executive Search Recruitment

Due to the size of FM operations, many of our clients in the sector return time and time again to fulfill their recruitment demands


 Facilities management is one of the UK's largest employment sectors.

We work across the entire sector, including several key areas:

  • Total Facilities Management
  • Mechanical and Electric Plumbing
  • Landscaping
  • Security/manned guarding
  • Parking Management
  • Ground Maintenance
  • Pest Control

The sector is facing a significant skills shortage, which is even more pronounced among senior executive roles. With much of the top talent reluctant to put job security on the line and employers doing more to retain expertise, recruitment is challenging. 

Spencer Riley have an established global network of clients and candidates, giving us unparalleled insight into the condition of the Facilities Management market worldwide, where the most in-demand skills can be found, and how to appeal to candidates. 

Whether that's at home in the UK and Europe, or further afield in the Middle East, Africa or North America, we cast our net wide and work tirelessly to pull together a shortlist that offers you the very best candidates with the experience you need.

Finding the Right Facilities Management Candidate

FM executive roles require significant experience that goes beyond maintaining grounds and buildings, to include a high-level appreciation of operations often on a very large scale. 

Some of the characteristics you may be looking for in Facilities Management executive candidates include: 

  • Management experience and proven leadership skills
  • Experience of capital projects and financial responsibility
  • First-person experience of boardroom environments
  • Appreciation of industry trends e.g. sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Lateral thinking approach to alternative project delivery 

The perfect candidate for the job may not currently be working in Facilities Management, but may have the ideal skill set in a different industry or sector. 

Spencer Riley's expertise allows us to recognise the right person based on their individual characteristics, not just based on their current or previous employment. With FM experience in high demand, this can be a crucial tool in overcoming skills shortages.

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The Skills Shortage jin Facilities Management

The enormous scale of the FM sector means skills and experience are in extremely high demand. In recent years this has been evidenced by an increase in upskilling as employers look to train and retain their most valued people. 

As a result of this, there is significant skills inertia, and organisations looking to recruit new talent into boardroom-level roles must overcome this by making the most compelling offer possible. 

Spencer Riley's global reach means our specialists can seek out executives from all over the world, to create a fully qualified pre-screened shortlist of candidates to take forward to the interview stage. 

Once you have a preferred candidate, we can take the lead on remuneration negotiations, to ensure that you settle on a pay and benefits deal that suits all parties, and ensures a long and profitable relationship once your new hire begins their role.

Specialist Roles

Talent Acquisition for Facilities Management

Our specialists can place C-suite execs, MDs and VPs. This includes a broad list of positions at the very top of your company's hierarchy:

  • Managing Director
  • Commercial/Sales Director
  • Global/Regional Director
  • Technical/Operations Director
  • Vice President of Region
  • Vice President of Division
  • Vice President of Company

If you would like to know more about our executive search capabilities, or you have a vacancy and are ready to embark on your FM executive recruitment campaign, contact us today.

Our Approach

We take the time to listen to you and understand your business, the key drivers behind the hire and the importance in relation to your objectives

We will devote time to understand your business goals and role requirements and then develop a search solution that meets your specific needs

We will demonstrate unwavering tenacity, speaking pro-actively and confidentially with every individual with the right experience, in order to be certain we have secured the best person open to your opportunity

Facilities Management

Further information on our recruiting process

Helping You Do More With Less

Ever-increasing pressures on the FM sector mean managers are tasked with doing more with less. Less time, less money, and fewer resources across the board mean you need a recruitment partner who understands what you're looking for without being told twice. 

Spencer Riley's executive search specialists can work from as much or as little information as you are able to provide. Where multiple stakeholders are involved, we can liaise - in person or remotely - with all the relevant parties. 

We take as much strain as possible out of the recruitment process. Our candidate shortlists are screened, with any necessary background checks and reference checks taken care of. We can even hold the first-round interviews on your behalf. 

This means that the demand placed on your time is reduced as much as possible. Just meet with your preferred candidate and confirm that you want to proceed, and we can move on to the remuneration negotiations.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Facilities Management

Because of the size of FM operations, many of our clients in the sector return time and time again to fulfil their recruitment demands. Spencer Riley RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is an excellent solution if you need an ongoing talent pipeline. 

RPO allows us to enter into a long-term arrangement, in which we work closely with your organisation to set out KPIs, goals and milestones. As you develop a need for additional talent in the future, you let us know and we find the candidates. 

The benefits of RPO for Facilities Management recruitment include regular progress reports to ensure we are meeting your targets, flexibility to adapt the recruitment process as required, and continuing access to the expertise of our executive search specialists. 

Whether you are recruiting for one role or many, Spencer Riley offer a recruitment service to suit, with in-depth expertise of the FM hiring market and of the changes and challenges facing the sector in the immediate future.

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Why Choose Spencer Riley?

Our proven track record in Facilities Management executive recruitment is testament to our understanding of this complex and highly competitive sector. 

In every case, we are committed to gaining a full appreciation of our client's business and what you are looking for from your recruitment campaign, so that we can target our search accordingly.

With a dedicated team headed by a specialist lead consultant assigned specifically to your search, we provide access to talent and markets that would ordinarily be out of reach. We use our networks and relationships to achieve results for you.

Facilities Management

Our team

Meet our specialists in Facilities Management.

Scott Ellam
Managing Director

Scott has led teams across all our core sectors, having completed a significant number of board level placements alongside assisting clients with acquisitions.

Matt Wood
Principal Consultant

Matt specialises in the Facilities Management Sector working with countries in the UK, North America and Middle East.


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Spencer Riley’s industry team of highly dedicated, specialist consultants’ pride themselves on gaining a full understanding of our client’s business,

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As well as the core sectors to which we recruit Spencer Riley has a proven track record for helping businesses in a wide variety sectors and getting the results required.

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Spencer Riley’s team of highly dedicated, specialist consultants’ pride themselves on gaining a full understanding of our client’s business,

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