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Recruitment medical directors, product development directors, chief medical officers.


Spencer Riley's Medical Devices executive recruiters play a crucial role within our wider Life Sciences executive search services.

With many years of sector experience and a global network of resources, we are perfectly positioned to recruit medical directors, product development directors, chief medical officers and other boardroom roles.

Global Market Growth

The global market for medical devices is projected to grow to USD 799.67 billion by 2030. This represents a fertile landscape for commercial growth for established players as well as the variety of impressive start-ups developing within this sector. Attracting top talent remains a challenge across a variety of in-demand disciplines for businesses in this sector.

Spencer Riley's global reach allows our executive search specialists to locate talent no matter where it is based. We work closely with our candidates and, where appropriate, can help the successful applicant to relocate in order to deliver for our clients the most capable individual available.

Find the ideal candidate

Finding candidates for Medical Devices roles

We have years of experience and a proven track record in recruiting executives for Medical Devices roles. We appreciate the challenges (including regulatory and budgetary pressures) faced by organisations in the Medical Devices space and our executive search consultants are uniquely capable of attracting top talent to apply for high-level vacancies.

Our rigorous background checks mean you can be confident that shortlisted candidates meet all of the requirements to work with patients including children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

This background check is included in our hiring process as standard, so any shortlist we provide to you will contain only those individuals who have passed the scrutiny of our vetting process and are ready to take up the role with no further delay.

Specialist Roles

Medical Devices Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We know that businesses operating in the Medical Devices sector often have ongoing recruitment needs, whether due to employees leaving, new R&D programmes starting up, or the fast pace of organic growth in the segment.

Medical Devices Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is Spencer Riley's long-term solution, establishing an ongoing relationship between your business and our executive search specialists to deepen our understanding of what you need even further.

  • Read more about our RPO solution

Performance criteria are agreed upfront and regularly reviewed, so clients with a steady stream of hiring needs in Medical Devices roles gain Spencer Riley as an integral part of the recruitment process both now and for the future.

Our Approach

We take the time to listen to you and understand your business, the key drivers behind the hire and the importance in relation to your objectives

We will devote time to understand your business goals and role requirements and then develop a search solution that meets your specific needs

We will demonstrate unwavering tenacity, speaking pro-actively and confidentially with every individual with the right experience, in order to be certain we have secured the best person open to your opportunity

Medical Devices

Further information on our recruiting process

Hiring into medical niches

Our dedicated Medical Devices executive recruitment team has a deep understanding of the sector including specialisms like cardiovascular, gastroenterology, neurology and orthopaedics, as well as geriatrics and paediatrics.  

When you need the right person to fill a niche role, our established open communication with our candidate database means we are able to reach out to individuals who might not be actively looking for a new job, but who will move for the right opportunity.

Like all of our recruitment services, we do this tirelessly and with a view to fill your vacancy as quickly as possible, without compromising on the calibre of the candidate. We carry out background checks and first-round interviews, so that you only need to make the final decision about who to hire.

A demanding future for Medical Devices

The change from CE marking to UKCA for healthcare providers in Great Britain comes at a time when the Medical Devices market as a whole is growing. Statista forecasts compound growth in the Medical Technology sector of more than 3.8% per year until at least 2027, with Medical Devices accounting for nearly 90% of the sector's value.

An ageing population and the emergence of novel diseases including COVID-19 have reinforced the importance of medical devices to keep humans in good health and with unimpaired mobility for longer. The unprecedented pace of research and development is one indicator of how rapidly the future of the Medical Devices sector is evolving.

Because of this, there is also unprecedented demand for skilled professionals working in the Medical Devices space. Spencer Riley appreciate the challenges of the current market and provide the talent search capabilities required to fill vacancies with highly specialised skill sets.

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Get Spencer Riley on Your Side

Why choose Spencer Riley?

We are proud to work closely with our clients in the high-tech, tightly regulated Medical Devices segment. Our expertise allows us to provide you with tailored guidance and access to candidates with the niche skill set you require, who could not be reached simply by advertising a vacancy on medical jobs boards.

Spencer Riley offer:

  • Access to our global database of executive-level candidates
  • Pre-screening and initial interviews of shortlisted applicants
  • Candidates who meet specialised and niche skill sets
  • Fully documented industry accreditations, memberships and qualifications
  • Option to establish long-term Medical Devices RPO relationship  

All of this relieves the administrative burden from your in-house hiring team, accelerates your time to hire and improves the calibre of candidates who come forward for your vacancies, while eliminating unnecessary and excessive recruitment costs.

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To speak to one of our Medical Devices executive search specialists and find out more about our ad hoc or RPO Medical Devices recruitment services. We welcome all enquiries relating to these and other Life Sciences & Healthcare roles.

Medical Devices

Our team

Meet our specialists in Medical Devices.

Adam Dowson
Divisional Manager

Adam’s portfolio consists of Market Leading Specialist couriers, innovative Temperature Controlled Packaging solutions and Major integrators providing a complete supply chain solution with clients across Europe, APAC and North America.

Laura Wild
Senior Search Consultant and Head of Client Delivery

Laura specialises in Life Sciences and Cold Chain logistics


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Spencer Riley’s industry team of highly dedicated, specialist consultants’ pride themselves on gaining a full understanding of our client’s business,

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As well as the core sectors to which we recruit Spencer Riley has a proven track record for helping businesses in a wide variety sectors and getting the results required.

Our meticulous and pro-active approach means we are ideally placed to take on assignments in markets that sit outside of our core business areas. We are also well placed to help with a host of Private Equity Services, Outplacement Services as well with Mergers & Acquisitions

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Spencer Riley’s team of highly dedicated, specialist consultants’ pride themselves on gaining a full understanding of our client’s business,

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