What big trends do we expect to see in Aesthetic Medicine?

What big trends do we expect to see in Aesthetic Medicine?
Sadie Meadows
Executive Search Consultant - Delivery Consultant
March 24, 2022
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With working within the Life Sciences & Healthcare team here at Spencer Riley, I was keen to get under the skin of what is next for the medical aesthetic industry.

To understand what to expect from the aesthetic space, I’ve looked at what some of the most prominent plastic surgeons have said about the latest trends and what they see as new and next for face and body in the next 6-12 months. Here’s what I was able to uncover:

The natural look

For the most rejuvenating and natural looking results, expect more patients to opt for combinations of surgical and non-surgical procedures that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional

Nasal rejuvenation surgery

There is a possible reason for this trend – Zoom culture – in which people stare at themselves in ways they hadn’t before. “These aren’t the kind of patients who are obsessed with their selfies and striving for perfection”, says leading internationals. Nasal rejuvenation surgery optimises breathing by restoring structure and support in addition to improving aesthetics and breathing.

The invasive brow lift

There has been a trend within the last few years to treat brow lifts using neurotoxins. While the so-called ‘Botox brow lift’ can have a lifting effect, the effects can be temporary and unsatisfying. Fortunately, there is a minimally invasive alternative: the surgical brow lift. Gone are the days when surgeons had to take incisions from ear to ear to lift the face. Instead, an endoscopic brow lift can achieve a substantial and long-lasting lift of the brow and eyelids without requiring any incisions.

New injectables, combination procedures, the rise of chin enhancement and medical facial procedures like micro needling, are amongst the other facial trends to expect moving forwards.

As for the body, experts expect a rise in surgical and non-surgical body contouring requests and a modern approach to breast lifting.

Cellulite treatment

A breakthrough injectable that treats moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks was approved by the FDA in the summer of 2020. Both patients and providers rejoiced at the minimally invasive treatment option which has been found to be safe and effective. Leading internationals say they expect this procedure will get even more popular this year.

The pocket lift

Also known as a breast lift. A patient no longer needs an implant to get a lift. During the procedure, the breast tissue is tucked under the pectoral fascia. The recovery is still around a week which is similar to a traditional lift. The pocket lift is for those who don’t want a bigger breast, but just want a lift with a good long term and high lasting result.

Further top aesthetic treatments to keep an eye out for are body sculpting and skin tightening. The industry is experiencing a lot of demand. Both invasive and non-invasive aesthetic procedures, as well as new technologies will continue to rise in popularity.

If this is an industry that you would like to get into and you are experienced in marketing, sales, account management, service engineering, then please get in touch as I may have a role that is suitable for your background.

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