What makes a great executive search consultant at Spencer Riley? Firstly, we think it has a lot to do with having the right attitude....

What it takes to be a Spencer Riley Search consultant
Spencer Riley
July 20, 2023
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Well, firstly, not all executive search consultants are created equally.

We take on the best because we want our clients and candidates to have the best experience and achieve the more successful experience in using us.

So, what makes a great executive search consultant at Spencer Riley?  Firstly, we think it has a lot to do with having the right attitude.  For skills, we can teach you, but your attitude is part of your DNA. As the saying goes “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”. Secondly, you might already have skills learnt previously in job roles that so far make up your working life.

Clearly, a recruiter’s top priority is to source great clients and top candidates, but there is more:

Know your Market

We would expect you to get to know and understand the sector that our clients work in together with their business and nuances. Having this knowledge helps you listen to the brief, provide advice and give any pointers.

You need to like people and be able to communicate effectively and, on any level.

Being comfortable in building relationships whether that’s with the client, the candidate or networking generally on behalf of Spencer Riley.  You need to be astute in terms of when to listen and when to ask the right probing questions – we can help you develop and hone these essential skills.

Being professional and portraying professionalism

In addition to representing Spencer Riley and share our employer brand, we expect you to be able to demonstrate professionalism in a variety of ways – spoken, written, appearance and with integrity.

It’s all in the detail

Imagine sending out an email that is grammatically incorrect, providing the wrong time/date for an interview or writing down the wrong salary/benefits is hardly going to portray Spencer Riley in the right light and may even result in the loss of a client.  Great attention to detail is a must for us and reinforces professionalism as described above.

Learn how to ask those probing questions

You need to understand the role that a client wants to fill, so really delve into the detail and don’t be afraid to ask challenging questions and when to offer suggestions.

Be courteous but don’t be brash

It’s about learning the balance between being efficient and timely as opposed to coming across as overly officious when you need information that isn’t forthcoming.  You will need great time management skills too as you’ll probably be juggling multiple tasks and perhaps dealing with time sensitive role fulfilments.

Be your own person

Taking initiative and knowing when to ask for help, is a great skill.  We will help you lead the way, be able to solve problems and adapt to changing circumstances, once we are confident that your approach is one that is client and candidate centric.


Integrity forms one of our core values.  We consistently and uncompromisingly adhere to a core set of professional, moral and ethical values. No negotiation.

Wanting more?

If you feel that you would really like to make a difference in people’s lives through sourcing them with the right opportunity and with the right company, then this might be your calling.

If this sounds like this could be for you, please call us on 0113 416 6841 or email us at  We would happily have a chat with you to determine if this is the right career choice for you.

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