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We recognise the unique nature of the clinical logistics discipline, a segment that requires specific focus and dedicated expertise from recruiters and executive search agencies.


The clinical logistics sector is uniquely challenging, requiring creative thought leadership to overcome the many obstacles that confront the healthcare and life sciences logistics discipline. 

With the segment posting significant growth in recent years, in part due to the rising importance of transporting pharmaceuticals, vaccines and clinical trial samples, Spencer Riley have developed a dedicated clinical logistics recruitment team to place senior-level candidates into valuable leadership roles. 

From account managers and business development executives to dangerous goods specialists and regulatory affairs managers, we work closely with our global talent pool to identify the most capable and qualified individual for the role, creating lasting business relationships that deliver for clients and candidates alike. 

Accelerated time to hire, reduced administrative burden and better access to talent in this fast-growing discipline, all backed by our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service for clinical logistics businesses with continuing hiring demand - Spencer Riley's executive search specialists are here to help with it all.

Specialist recruitment for clinical logistics businesses

Clinical logistics has become an increasingly important segment as transporting samples, medicines and other environmentally sensitive supplies has become more commonplace. 

Research and Markets reported that in 2023, the global healthcare logistics market was worth around $84 billion (£65 billion) after one-year growth of 9.2%. With forecasted annual growth of 7.7% until at least2027, this value is set to rise to an estimated $113 billion. 

Within the sector, there are valuable niche segments. For example, Grand View Research valued the clinical trials supply & logistics services market at $3.5 billion in 2022, with growth predicted to average 7.5%per year for the rest of the decade. 

"Major drivers include the rising number of clinical trials and harmonisation of regulations, increasing R&D expenditure by pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, and technological advancements in the supply chain," the analyst stated.

Find the ideal candidate

Maintaining a talent pipeline in rapid growth

With Grand View Research anticipating an increase in outsourcing of clinical trials logistics and supply chain services due to arise in in-house costs, there are substantial opportunities across the sector in the years to come. 

Spencer Riley help businesses - both those working directly in the life sciences sector and those that provide outsourced clinical logistics services - to maintain a sufficient workforce with talent and leadership at the highest levels. 

Our clinical logistics recruitment specialists advise on director-level, C-suite and senior managerial appointments, as well as related disciplines like sales director, project manager and client relationship executives for clinical logistics businesses. 

For companies that are experiencing continuing long-term growth, our Clinical Logistics Recruitment RPO service enables even closer integration, further reducing the admin burden on your organisation and cutting time-to-hire to an absolute minimum.

Specialist Roles

Our Approach

We take the time to listen to you and understand your business, the key drivers behind the hire and the importance in relation to your objectives

We will devote time to understand your business goals and role requirements and then develop a search solution that meets your specific needs

We will demonstrate unwavering tenacity, speaking pro-actively and confidentially with every individual with the right experience, in order to be certain we have secured the best person open to your opportunity

Clinical Logistics

Further information on our recruiting process

What is Clinical Logistics RPO?

Spencer Riley's Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)service allows our executive search specialists to integrate closely with your own hiring managers and human resources team. 

RPO is designed to fulfil a series of vacancies, with defined KPIs and regular reviews backed by real-time data, giving you reliable insight into your recruitment process without the in-house admin, time and resource demands. 

As your organisation develops in response to the rapidly evolving opportunities presented by the clinical logistics market, our recruitment experts react to supply you with the top-level talent you need. 

From inspiring leaders for senior management roles, to innovative entrepreneurs who can offer strategic business development capabilities, we provide the human resources you need to capitalise on this segment's emerging potential.

Why choose Spencer Riley?

We recognise the unique nature of the clinical logistics discipline, a segment that requires specific focus and dedicated expertise from recruiters and executive search agencies. 

Our long and proven track record of working across life sciences, clinical roles and the broader logistics sector gives us the experience and insight required to excel in high-level talent searches that combine the attributes of these different disciplines. 

We pride ourselves on offering unbeaten expertise and a tireless talent search function. Our existing relationship with a global candidate pool means we can very quickly provide shortlists of fully vetted and prequalified individuals, even for niche and senior positions.

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How to get started

If you have an upcoming vacancy in a senior clinical logistics role, please contact Spencer Riley's friendly team of executive search specialists today to discuss how to proceed. We welcome all enquiries, with no obligation to continue beyond the initial consultation. 

Alternatively if your business has a continuing need for senior-level appointments, ask us about our Clinical Logistics RPO service and benefit from the cost and time savings of an accelerated, low-admin, outsourced recruitment process for clinical logistics roles. 

The pandemic set this segment in motion with a pace of acceleration that seems set to continue for the foreseeable future and beyond; with Spencer Riley's help, you can capitalise on that growth opportunity and seize the full potential of top-level talent for the coming decade.

Clinical Logistics

Our team

Meet our specialists in Clinical Logistics.

Adam Dowson
Divisional Manager

Adam’s portfolio consists of Market Leading Specialist couriers, innovative Temperature Controlled Packaging solutions and Major integrators providing a complete supply chain solution with clients across Europe, APAC and North America.

Laura Wild
Senior Search Consultant and Head of Client Delivery

Laura specialises in Life Sciences and Cold Chain logistics

Corey Ogden
Senior Search Consultant

Corey specialises in recruitment for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, more specifically within Environmental Monitoring Solutions.


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Spencer Riley’s industry team of highly dedicated, specialist consultants’ pride themselves on gaining a full understanding of our client’s business,

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Spencer Riley’s team of highly dedicated, specialist consultants’ pride themselves on gaining a full understanding of our client’s business,

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