Adam Dowson

Divisional Manager

We sat down with Adam and asked a few questions about what it's like working at Spencer Riley.

Adam's experience of working at Spencer Riley.

Q: Why did you join Spencer Riley?

For the earning potential and to work in a fast paced, energetic environment.

Q: Tell us about your Spencer Riley career so far?

I started at Spencer Riley in 2017 as an Executive Search Consultant. I developed a market in the logistics sector and was quickly promoted to Senior, and earlier this year (2022) I was promoted to Principal search consultant and started to develop my own team.

I developed a niche subsector within the logistics industry and had great success in winning key clients and increasing the demand and workload of Spencer Riley, as a whole.

Q: What is most rewarding about your role?

Doing a good job for our clients. There are thousands of recruitment companies across the UK, but clients are always impressed by our level of service and the efficiency we manage to identify, introduce, and secure a new employee for them. We hold ourselves to high standards and it’s reflected in the service we offer and the kind words clients say about working with us.

Q: What skills, from your previous roles, helped with your transition to recruitment?

I had previously worked in sales and was familiar with the highs and lows it can bring. A strong work ethic and focus to improve each day is key to success.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wanted a role in recruitment?

Manage your time and work output as if it were your own business. There are numerous companies working within this space and to succeed you need to ensure you are the best. A strong work ethic is key and being open to new methodologies and improving each day.

Q: And finally, tell us about your future with Spencer Riley?

I have recently developed a team in a niche of the logistics industry – the plan is to expand that further as we gain more clients in this space and building business units for the allied industries that work alongside our clients, ensuring we have a pool of candidates and clients ready to fulfil any potential vacancy.