A work anniversary for our Kelsey Aitken

A work anniversary for our Kelsey Aitken
Spencer Riley
October 3, 2023
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We sat down with Kelsey and asked her a few extra questions about her time with Spencer Riley.

Q: What was your first impression of Spencer Riley?

A: When I first joined Spencer Riley, one thing that stood out to me was the amazing culture and family-feel. I love being part of a team where everyone is supportive and welcoming.

Q: What's been your favourite part of working at Spencer Riley?

A: My favourite part of working at Spencer Riley is getting to call candidates and deliver an offer for their dream job. There's no better feeling than being part of a life changing (for the better) process.

Q: What does the future hold at Spencer Riley?

A: The future at Spencer Riley is something I'm really excited about. For me, I am working towards becoming a Senior Consultant and working with some of the best companies and talent in the packaging industry.

Q: Who's been your biggest inspiration at Spencer Riley?

A: My biggest inspiration has to be our MD - Scott Ellam. The passion, hard work and immense energy he puts into the business is something I have never seen from any other MD before.

And, now about you

Q: Nike or Adidas?

A:  Nike

Q: Beer or Spirits?


Q: Star Wars or Star Trek?

A: Starburst - hahah

Q: Europe or Long Haul?

A: Long Haul

Q: Favourite place?

A: Thailand

Q: Football or Cricket or Rugby?

A: Football

Q: Favourite team?

A: The mighty Tottenham Hotspur

Q: What would you sing at Karaoke?

A: It's got to be Teenage Dirtbag

Q: Ever had a nickname?

A: 'Kels'

Q: How would your friends describe you?

A: Loud, funny, bubbly

Q: What's your go-to guilty pleasure?

A: Take-aways!

Q: What 4 people would you have dinner with (living or dead)?

A: My grandad, James Maddison, Amy Winehouse and Freddie Mercury 😊

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